Furniture & Decor


Peirce Farm provides the following tables:

* (26) 60" Diameter Round x 30" High Wood folding tables (Seats 8 comfortably)

*(10) 30" Diameter Round x 30" or 42" High Wood tables

*(10) 36" Diameter Round x 30" or 42" High Wood tables

*(8) 8' Long x 30" Wide Wood Banquet tables

*(2) 6' Long x 30" Wide Plastic Banquet tables

* (2) 5' Long x 30" Wide Wood Banquet tables


One set of 150 dark wood Chiavari chairs and one set of 150 white folding chairs are included in the rental fee.


Candles are permitted if they are contained in glass or lantern.


Sparklers are not permitted on the property, as they are classified as fireworks and therefore illegal in Massachusetts.


Confetti of any kind, Silk Petals, and any other non-organic material are not permitted to be thrown on the lawn or in the barn.  This includes bio-degradable tissue petals.  Real flower petals are allowed.


Peirce Farm has several arbors available for rental.  Click here for dimensions and pricing.  


If you plan on putting a tent on the property here are the dimensions of the space.

The terrace to the right of the house is approximately 41’ wide by 74’ long.

NOTE!: Tents exceeding 400 SqFt with sides or 700 SqFt without sides require a building permit from the Town of Topsfield.


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